As unemployment gets close to a 50 year low, it is crucial for firms to review their existing recruitment strategies, and adopt a more creative approach to attracting talent.

Going beyond standard digital channels

A quick search will show that most firms will post their openings on popular online recruiting sites which include job boards like Indeed & CareerBuilder, as well as platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

In recent years, Snapchat has started gaining momentum as a recruiting tool. Counting over 170 million users, the tool is very popular with the Millennials and Generation Z. Businesses have the option to pay for Snapchat Ads, to post videos about ways to apply to their job postings or even offering candidates an insight into a typical day at the company! The tool was designed to be fun and personal, and while it is not for everyone and every type of business, it certainly can help increase brand following when used as part of a broader, ongoing recruitment campaign.

Similarly to other social media sites, Instagram can be used to attract talent, provided that the page is set up and managed in a professional manner. After the brand is built, human resources professionals can use hashtags, like & comment on pictures, follow users or even post stories (similar to Snapchat) when looking for talent. There is also the paid advertising feature, or the ability to search for local candidates by location.

Rohma Abbas, contributing author at Workable, shares a guide on how to use Reddit as a non-traditional recruiting channel. Reddit is a site divided into small communities called “Subreddits” which are dedicated to specific topics, offering users the opportunity to have discussions under each topic. Subreddits that may be useful to recruiters include r/Jobs, r/Recruitment and r/Resumes. Redditors detest spam, so it is important for users posting on Reddit to be authentic and engage with the community.