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Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) refers to the interaction and management of vendors that provide materials, components and services to an organization. In today’s scale-driven economy, supplier relationships are essential to an organization’s competitiveness and profitability. More than ever before, organizations need strong relationships with their suppliers to improve quality, reduce costs and develop new products faster than their competitors.

Expedite your Hiring Process

Organizations often find themselves in a position where there is no time and new employees need to be hired … “yesterday”! What can you do in order to expedite your hiring process?

Business Planning for Today & for the Post-Pandemic World

There are many unknowns about how the coronavirus crisis will unfold, and nobody knows how long the economic downturn will last for. More than ever before, businesses should focus on increasing IT spend and retaining & hiring new IT talent.

Essential Tips for Working from Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. Working from home requires a series of skills that include being a pro at managing time, being adept at using technology, independence at troubleshooting and being extremely proactive. These tips can help anyone make it work!

Designing an effective Business Continuity Plan

It’s not often that businesses face a pandemic. An early 2020 survey found that 51% of companies have no plans for how to address this type of emergency, while 92% said working from home is their primary option when working at the office is not possible. In uncertain times like these, business continuity planning is important as owners look for ways to continue operations through temporary disruptions.

Tips on Time Management for HR Professionals

The demands of each organization’s Human Resources department are numerous; ensuring the timely fill of position openings, answering payroll questions, handling conflict between employees… How can one possibly figure out a way to prioritize work tasks effectively when almost everything is a priority?

The Right Way to Terminate an Employee

In most States, companies are free to adopt “At-Will” employment policies. Essentially, “At-Will” means that an employer has the right to terminate the employee at any time, for any reason. Terminating an employee can be one of the most challenging and unpleasant aspects of a manager’s duties. Termination of employment is a serious action and is usually the next step after a series of disciplinary actions.

Are Employee Referrals Still the Best Source of New Hires?

In Corporate America, two out of three companies have an employee referral program in place. At the same time, referrals are the first source of new hires. According to Forbes Contributor Jeff Hyman, most companies today get introduced to superior candidates through current employees. Referred candidates are typically a better culture fit, they reduce the time-to-hire and the cost-per hire, their retention rates are higher, and they also generate the best return on investment. Without a doubt, the value that employee referral programs bring is clear and compelling.

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