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2020 Hiring – A more creative approach

As unemployment gets close to a 50 year low, it is crucial for firms to review their existing recruitment strategies, and adopt a more creative approach to attracting talent.

Recruiting Engineering Talent in 2020

Of the top 10 fastest growing staffing firms in the US, three provide industrial staffing and three provide healthcare staffing; another two provide IT staffing, one provides engineering staffing, and another provides direct hire. Mark Roberts, CEO of TechServe...

Asking the right cultural fit questions

Research shows that Hiring Managers tend to look for traits in candidates that may make them feel good about themselves, often beyond race or gender. It is not easy to identify whether a candidate will be a cultural fit based solely on an interview, but there are questions and methods available that will enable Hiring Managers to go deeper and determine whether the interviewee will be in sync with more core elements of the company culture.

How Are Talent Shortages Impacting Your Business?

Employers want to hire the best candidates out there. However, there is high competition for good talent. For example: 1 in 2 employers have job vacancies, but cannot find qualified talent to fill them 48% of employers say talent shortages have medium to high impact...

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