During the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are implementing voluntary or mandatory work-from-home policies. Working from home requires a series of skills that include being a pro at managing time, being adept at using technology, independence at troubleshooting and being extremely proactive. These tips can help anyone make it work:


  1. Understand your employer’s work-from-home policies
  2. Designate a workspace
  3. Get your technology in order
  4. Check your internet bandwidth
  5. Make sure your webcam is set up
  6. Invest in a good pair of headphones
  7. Dress and groom professionally
  8. Set a work schedule
  9. Set up a morning routine
  10. Do not get distracted by the news
  11. Maintain a positive attitude
  12. Stay motivated with a list
  13. Stay off social media during business hours
  14. Listen to music for a creativity boost
  15. Communicate with your manager(s) and team members
  16. Use professional telecommunication tools
  17. Schedule breaks, and take them
  18. Be on time for virtual meetings
  19. Manage expectations with anyone in your space
  20. Ask for help when its needed
  21. Set work expectations and deadlines
  22. If there’s additional bandwidth, take on additional projects
  23. Take sick time when its needed
  24. Socialize virtually with colleagues if the opportunity arises / Maintain the relationships
  25. Factor in your commute time, and use that to unwind