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The sophistication of the human resources function and the Big Data that is now available throughout the organization are making it possible to take a more detailed look at every aspect of managing your workforce to enhance the profitability of the enterprise. If you can make changes that increase the productive output per employee, it will inevitably contribute to either increasing revenue or reducing cost somewhere in the organization. Our latest eBook, “Anatomy of a Profitable Workforce,” describes how you can uncover hidden opportunities to optimize your workforce.

The eBook

In this new eBook from Enterforce, we offer several ideas to help organizations take a detailed look at: 

  • Analyzing the cost-effectiveness and productivity of revenue-producing staff, support staff and the flexible workforce (comprised of temporary workers, freelancers, and professional service firms)
  • Developing systems and processes to fully leverage the productivity of every employee
  • Identifying opportunities for automation of repeatable processes throughout the organization

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