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What we do

Enterforce serves as the “employer of record” for dozens of clients looking to protect themselves and their organizations from the risk of major fines from the IRS, and costly worker lawsuits that often result from working with external hourly employees, interns and co-ops. By deploying pass-through payrolling in your organization, Enterforce reduces the mark-up on payrolled workers because we do not incur the normal costs associated with recruiting; therefore, we pass on the cost savings to you.

Enterforce tailors your program in ways that
meet your needs at competitive mark-ups.

Our payroll services include:

  • Any required pre-employment testing and verification
  • Required federal & state forms
  • Determination of FLSA overtime eligibility status
  • Electronic timesheet submittal and approval process
  • Weekly preparation of payroll checks
  • Statutory insurance and tax requirements (Disability, Workers’ Compensation, FICA Unemployment)
  • Federal and state payroll tax deposits
  • Employee wage garnishments
  • Unemployment claims
  • Quarterly payroll tax returns
  • Processing of yearly W-2s


Because of our expertise in the field, we can handle all the HR paperwork and assume the unemployment liability. Standard and centralized processes are developed to efficiently categorize and on-board payrolled contingent workers.

Payrolling Services

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